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  Now , we have great pleasure in troducing you our company. our company is found before several decade and producting all kinds of digital products. Have made a market research,we find that these things make our lives easier.


  The digital products like the computer and the cell phone have completely made a great impact on our life. These products have both led to much greater efficiency in many aspects of our daily lives and produced many economic benefits as well. The digital age has contributed to many labor saving technologies at the same time as improving the quality standards of production..

  Because our company wants to extend ,so we need to hire someone to our company. If you want to be emploeed,just give your recommend letter to our company. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  Ha ha childhood dream this up! Grow up the dream to return to childhood! People are strange when lost only know how to cherish! With the cruel reality, the pressure of study, why is the dream because it cannot be achieved all called dream, dreams, and goals? Goals can be achieved! The dream? How few there are who can really know their dream and not to the target? Everyone is a parabola, aptitude that determines its openings, while the highest point is effort of the day after tomorrow. Cowardly people afraid of loneliness, sensible people know how to enjoy solitude. There is a dream, the life journey of loneliness can spread a piece of blue sky; there is a dream, loneliness can be interpreted as a row of Hongyan; there is a dream, joy can burst into Manyuan flowers. Dream, is a smile to face the reality, is watching over the obstacles the future; dream, is with the heart of the shear, in the life of the road cut out of green branches; dream, is the face of confusion or darkness, soul to bean big and bright and smiling against. Sometimes I often ask myself what is my dream? My dream is what? Dream, dream is just one word difference understanding is not a kind of consciousness! . the helplessness of life, sometimes does not originate from the self, others unintentional build, it is a kind of a strange combination of circumstances. The life is contradictory, day and night distance, between seasons reincarnation, then a particular favorite, so helpless and the joy of the waiting. I have a dream! I was only dreaming! The reality does not let me have dreams, ignorant to dream of unreal and waiting, the exchange is not required, but the years in the face of the prints left, without a single success of life is wasted. In the life, and to spend time to await, as to speed up the pace to the searching for the ideal, try to race against time, maybe the body, psychological will feel tired, but such a life is full of. Sigh of life, because once had no with vigour and vitality feat, feel small, seem to feel mediocre, life is too simple, easy to let a person feel irritable. No boast without shame about the future, but more realistic hold now.


  Everyone may have his own dream. Someone may want to be rich, someone may want to be beautiful, and someone may want to have power. But I’m different from them. My dream is special. I want to have a pair of wings. Because I want to fly in the sky,I like the feeling of freedom.

  If I have a pair of wings,I’m sure it will be very wonderful. I can fly below the blue sky with the birds. I can enjoy the music of birds’. I can fly across the cloud and the small wind will blow past my face. The feeling must be the same as that my mother caresses me.

  I can fly over the sea, below the rainbow, through the forest I can see all the wonderful view. But I know that it will never be uteri have another instead. I want to have a fly of my own. The plane must be very small and light. It has to carry only one person. It can fly by wind or sunshine. It can fly for a very long time. And the important thing is that it must be very save.

  I’m sure I can have this plane some day. And I can have fly to everywhere I want.


  A survey about smokers in a middle school tells that although 90% of all students never smoke, 3% of them often smoke and 7% sometimes do. In other words, 10% of the students smoke. That s terrible.

  As we know, smoking is harmful to our health. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives because of it. Smoking not only does harm to your health, but also wastes money. Because, a fire may be caused by cigarette ends. It s a pity to learn that one ends in death by smoking.

  In all, smoking is so dangerous that we should keep away from it.


  I have many hobbies, such as, reading books, listening to music, collecting stamps and so on. But my favourite is playing badminton. When I was six years old, my mother began to teach me how to play badminton. The white ball flew in the air and it was very beautiful and exciting. So from then on I liked playing badminton. What's more, I think playing badminton is one of the best way to make strong and healthy. It can also let me make lots of friends. I often play badminton with my friends after school. Sometimes I play it with my mother and my friends on weekends. When I play badminton, I forget all my worries and it brings me lots of happinesss. When I grow up, I want to be a badminton player. So I must play it very well. Now I am having a badminton lesson and I am making lots of progress now. I am sure I can play badminton very well and my dream will come true.


  People always say to students that their main duty is to study and they should not spend time on other things except for study. However, most boys are born to love exercise, especially ball exercises. Thus, they are always blamed to spend time on playing balls, instead of spending all time on study. In my opinion, the idea is wrong. Proper exercise is good for study. Exercise can help students relax their mind and body. After a long time study, they need it very much. After relaxing, they can have a good state to study, which will improve their study efficiency. Besides, students always can sleep better after exercise. If they sleep well, they can have more energy on study. It promotes study. But spending too much time on exercise may have bad influence on study.



  My favorite holiday is New Year.It's a very important festival in Chinese cultrue.In fact,it's the highlight of the year.Everyone returns home for a family reunion.We have a big feast and chat about all the things that have happened in our lives.People also visit each other.We exchange gifts and good wishes for the next year.


  New Year is especially fun for kids.That's because we get presents and treats,including red envelopes filled with money.We also get to set off fireworks.But we never forget that this holiday is a time to give thanks.We feel grateful for our family and the things that we have.Finally,we think about the future and the great year ahead.



  I like to travel very much. I always dream to be independent and travel by my own. But my parents worry about me all the time. They think I will meet problems and can’t solve. In oder to comfort them, I decide to travel with a friend of mine and they agree. This was the first time for me to leave my home and I had to do all the things on my own. Firstly, I book the ticket and the hotel, and the big problem is to find the hotel. So I search the Internet and downloaded a software to guide me, then I found my way easily. I read all kinds of information and select the part that is useful to me. I found the funny places and local food, what’s more, I would not lose my way. Travel makes me stronger.



  Should students make friends on line ?Some people say yes .The internet helps make many friends .Chatting on line ,students can more freely express their feelings and opinions ,and even get help with their foreign language studies .

  Others ,however, think students should not .They say making friends on line is a waste of time ,which should be spent more meaningfully on study .Besides ,some students get cheated on line.

  It is my opinion that students should place their study ,health and safety before other things .As for friendship ,we can readily find it in our classmates and other people around us.


  The Family Plan has been adopted for several years, most of the young generation are only child because their parents follow the governments policy. Over more than 30years, most family are made up of grandparents, parents and a child. Here comes the problem, the society is facing an aging situation, more and more people are getting old while the young people are less. For a typical family, four grow-ups are at the age of over 40 with a young kid less than 20years old. The aging society is getting more and more obvious, such phenomenon has been catch mass medias attention. The policy of one child has been doubted, it has been strongly advised that a family is allowed to raise two kids. I totally agree with that, it not only bring happiness to family, but also relieve the pressure of aging problem.











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