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  It's such a fine morning today! Huahua got up early and went to the garden to plant trees with a bucket of water and a shovel.


  She dug a hole first, then chose a strong young tree to carefully move into the pit, and then waved a spade to fill several spades of soil.


  A small tree has been planted. The butterfly in the distance saw it, flew over and smiled at the flowers. The flowers on the ground are also in full bloom. Huahua also smiled happily.



  Dear teachers and students


  Today is the annual tree planting day. With the rapid development of science, material pursuit has become the primary goal of people. In order to have the so-called "high quality" life, many people do this stupid thing in front of material and selfish desires??


  Deforestation, destruction of water resources, waste of oil, people almost predatory development, damage the ecological balance, make some places long-term drought without rain, some places are flooded. Acid rain, mud rain, red tide, tornado, sandstorm More and more frequent appearance, again and again sounded the alarm to us.


  I can't stop people cutting down a few forests at will. But we can save every piece of paper, curb our desire to change furniture, and save the use of disposable chopsticks It is this small contribution that can bring about the harmony of living environment and the harmony between man and nature.


  Until now, there are many people who don't know the day of arbor day. Isn't it a kind of neglect to the environment?! Why do so many people cut trees at will, which makes our environment seriously threatened. If the environment is not the most important, why do almost all countries set tree planting day? I hope everyone who has damaged the environment will think about it. Human home is not your own, but belongs to all creatures! Are human beings indifferent? Do we have to deprive animals and plants of their right to live? The answer is No. The protection of the environment depends on everyone. If people pay more, we believe that nature will give us good returns.


  At the beginning of human being, nature is good. I firmly believe that everyone once had a pure heart, which was just confused by material desires. As long as we dare to open the veil of hypocrisy and get rid of the evil spirit of lust, is a truly perfect life and a truly perfect world far away from us?



  When spring comes, it whistles and wakes everything up. Look: the river starts to run with singing, the grass comes out of the ground, the willow opens its yellow and green eyes, and the peach blossom opens its round face It's tree planting day.


  That day, the weather was fine, my mother and I came to the community garden to plant trees. My mother and I took shovel and bucket, carrying small seedlings to the small garden to plant trees. I first loosened the soil with my toy shovel, and my mother digs out a big hole with a big shovel. Then I take a small tree from behind and carefully it into the soil, then bury the roots of the seedlings with the soil. I take a bucket of water and slowly pour the surrounding seedlings around. I pour it aside and gently say, "sapling, fast. Drink, drink, root, sprout, grow up! " The young sapling understood my words and soon finished drinking a bucket of water.


  My mother and I have been working for half a day. There are rows of saplings in the garden. I seem to see a forest.



  One day, my two cousins and I went to my grandmother's house to plant willows. When grandma heard that we wanted to plant trees, she pointed out a blank area where we needed to plant trees. Started to dig the tree pit, but, only one shovel, how to do? I think of a way, is that the three of us take turns to dig, who if tired of digging, change to another person to dig. At first, the three of us worked hard to dig. After nearly half an hour, we dug a 50 cm earth pit. Grandma gave us the willow seedlings. We carefully put in the willow seedlings, and then I held the young seedlings, two cousins filled the soil, and finally we stepped on the pit with our feet. Later, we used a basin to water it.


  Although I'm tired, I'm happy. Because, I planted a willow tree, but also to add a color to nature.



  I am a small tree. I grew up in a yard with my companion and lived a miserable life. How tragic? Listen to me coming with you.


  One sunny day, the sun sprinkled on our faces, a group of happy little girls came skipping, playing with rubber bands. They tied the rubber bands on our feet, on our waist, and on our throat, which made it difficult for us to breathe.


  One sunny day, a young woman was carrying a basin with some clothes that were not dried. The woman tied a long rope to our abdomen, and then hung the clothes on the rope. It was a big blow to us because the clothes bent our waist.


  In a clear day, a group of naughty boys ran into the yard to play. When we heard that they were going to play and shake our bodies, we closed our eyes. Fortunately, their actions were stopped by an uncle, so we were safe.


  After another period of time, one by one, one by one, things that hurt friends keep happening, and the number of companions keeps decreasing. Now there are only a few old trees and small trees with incomplete bones in the yard.


  People, go and plant trees! In order to protect your beautiful home, plant trees! Don't let the soil and water be eroded and the environment be destroyed. Go and plant trees! We have only one home, let's protect this unique and beautiful home!



  Seeing the trees in the forest being cut down, I know what to do for "our home".


  It's tree planting day! Ding Yutao, Wu Yunying, Luo Ying and I went to Foziling to plant trees. We took saplings, showers and shovels and set out.


  Along the way, we sang and laughed. The car breezed along the mountain road.


  When we got to Foziling, we managed to climb to the top of the mountain. What we see is not a dense forest, but a bare one. Let's get up and plant a tree each. I took a shovel, walked heavily to find a suitable piece of land, and then dug a pit, put the small saplings in, cultivate the soil, drench the water. I planted the trees, and saw that Ding Yutao had not dug a hole, so I went to dig a hole and plant trees with her. A drop of sweat fell down my cheek and into the earth Some students dig holes, some plant trees, some water. The mountain blew with a gust of hot wind. Everyone has planted trees, and the drooping heads of the little trees that we have watered are suddenly raised. The branch swayed in the spring wind as if to say "thank you.". We're leaving, and the branches are swinging again to wave "goodbye" to us. We reluctantly left Foziling.


  Through this tree planting activity, I learned to protect the environment. In order to protect "our beautiful home", everyone should take action and plant trees!










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